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Capital Z Investment Partners

Capital Z Investment Partners (CZIP) is a $2.25 billion alternative investment firm founded in 1998.  CZIP invests in private equity funds, hedge funds and specialized alternative investment products while assuming a meaningful minority interest in the management companies and general partners of such vehicles.  Since 1998, CZIP has entered into strategic partnerships with over 30 investment managers in the alternative space who today collectively manage over $20 billion.


CZIP evaluates hundreds of investment strategies each year and partners with only a select number of alternative investment firms who share our philosophy of long-term value creation.  We employ a rigorous evaluation and screening process to identify the next generation of leading alternative asset managers across the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Portfolio Companies

CZIP has partnered with leading alternative investment firms around the world including:


Private Equity Hedge Funds
Hybrid Strategies and Specialized Products 

Atria Capital Partenaires

French Private Equity

Batavia Investment Fund II, Ltd.

Indonesian Private Equity


Capital Z Asia Advisors

Asia-Focused Private Equity


CDH China Holdings Management, Ltd.

China-Focused Alternative Asset
Management Firm


Finansa Capital, Ltd.

Thailand-Focused Private Equity


Hutton Collins & Company, Ltd.

European Mezzanine and Private Equity


Leman Capital S.A.R.L.

Western European Private Equity


Seoul Z Capital Partners (Private) Limited

South Korea-Focused Private Equity


ShoreView Industries, LLC

US Middle Market Private Equity

Thompson Street Capital Manager, LLC

US Middle Market Private Equity

Trinity Hunt Management, L.P.

US Middle Market Private Equity

WestBridge Capital, LLC

India-Focused Private Equity


AJB Capital Management LP

Equity Long/Short


Aviator Fund Management, L.P.

Asia Multi-Strategy


BTN Partners, LLC

Equity Market Neutral


Cedarview Capital Management, L.P.

High-Yield Long/Short


Fort, L.P.

Managed Futures Advisor


Galtere Ltd.

Global Macro


Globalis Investments, LLC

Emerging Markets


Lampe Conway & Co., LLC

Distressed and Special Situations


LightKeeper Investments, LP

Technology Equity Long/Short


Palmyra Capital Advisors, LLC

Equity Long/Short


Passport Management, LLC
Equity Long/Short


Praesidis Asset Management, LLC
Power and Utilities Equity Long/Short


Quattro Global Capital, LLC

Global Convertible Arbitrage


Sanctum FI, LLC

Fixed Income Relative Value


The Wave Management Group, LLC

Credit Long/Short



Volatility Arbitrage

Capital Z Access Fund, L.P.

Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund of Funds


Cevian Capital Limited

Western European Activist Investor


CZI Renaissance

Insurance Industry-Focused Equity Long/Short


Max Re Capital, Ltd.

Hedge Fund of Funds Investing and Reinsurance


Starview Capital Management LLC

Hedge Fund of Funds


Ursa Capital, LLC

Hedge Fund of Funds and Investable Hedge Fund





Contact Information


Laurence Cheng – Chairman and CEO